GSEB Class 10 Charts in Calc Computer Studies MCQs

(1) Which of the following option is used to print a chart ?

(A) File -> Print

(B) File -> View

(C) Insert -> Chart

(D) View -> Chart

Answer: (A) File -> Print

(2) The charts in Calc may have how many of the following axis?

(A) Two

(B) Three

(C) Two or Three

(D) Four

Answer: (C) Two or Three

(3) Which of the following is used to enter 3D text in Calc ?

(A) Font Work

(B) Art Work

(C) Drawing Work

(D) Graph Work

Answer: (A) Font Work

(4) Which of the following is used to provide a link to the chart?

(A) Active link

(B) Drawing link

(C) Hyper link

(D) Connecting link

Answer: (C) Hyper link

(5) Which of the following shows us the preview of the chart ?

(A) Save as XHTML

(B) Page Preview

(C) Export Chart

(D) Any of these

Answer: (B) Page Preview

(6) To fix the column or row in a data range – to make it absolute, which symbol is used ?

(A) $

(B) #

(C) &

(D) %

Answer: (A) $

(7) To which of the entity can a Calc chart be linked ?

(A) To an existing document

(B) To a new document

(C) Web Page

(D) All of these

Answer: (D) All of these

(8) Which of the following is the first step to create a chart ?

(A) Formatting data

(B) Preparing data

(C) Editing data

(D) Deleting data

Answer: (B) Preparing data

(9) How many types of chart are there in Calc ?

(A) 8

(B) 9

(C) 10

(D) 11

Answer: (C) 10

(10) Chart Wizard has _____ steps.

(A) three

(C) 10

(C) five

(D) six

Answer: (C) 10

(11) Which is the first step of Chart Wizard ?

(A) Chart Type

(B) Data Range

(C) Data Series

(D) Chart Elements

Answer: (A) Chart Type

(12) Which is the second step of Chart Wizard ?

(A) Data Series

(B) Chart Elements

(C) Chart Type

(D) Data Range

Answer: (D) Data Range

(13) Which is the third step of Chart Wizard ?

(A) Chart Elements

(B) Data Series

(C) Data Range

(D) Chart Type

Answer: (B) Data Series

(14) Which is the fourth step of Chart Wizard ?

(A) Data Range

(B) Chart Type

(C) Chart Elements

(D) Chart Series

Answer: (C) Chart Elements

(15) Which button is used to go forward with the steps in Chart?

(A) Go To

(B) Next

(C) Second

(D) Move

Answer: (B) Next

(16) Where the legend is displayed by default ?

(A) Top

(B) Bottom

(C) Left

(D) Right

Answer: (D) Right

(17) Which component of chart indicate extra information or use of chart ?

(A) Title

(B) Sub Title

(C) Data Series

(D) Legend

Answer: (B) Sub Title

(18) Which of the following is the main component in Chart Area ?

(A) Chart

(B) Legend

(C) Chart Floor

(D) Chart Wall

Answer: (A) Chart

(19) Which component of the chart is as parallel surface ?

(A) Chart Area

(B) Data Series

(C) Chart Floor

(D) Legend

Answer: (C) Chart Floor

(20) Which menu – option is used to display Chart tool button ?

(A) Insert -> Toolbars

(B) View -> Toolbars

(C) Format -> Toolbars

(D) Tools -> Toolbars

Answer: (B) View -> Toolbars

(21) Which method is used to change the location of the chart ?

(A) Drag

(B) Move

(C) Change

(D) Modify

Answer: (A) Drag

(22) Which option part is used to change the size of chart ?

(A) Arrow

(B) Handle

(C) Cursor

(D) Legend

Answer: (B) Handle

(23) Which menu – option is used to change the type of graph ?

(A) Edit -> Chart Type

(B) Tools -> Chart Type

(C) View -> Chart Type

(D) Format -> Chart Type

Answer: (D) Format -> Chart Type

(24) Which toolbar is used to format X and Y axis ?

(A) Chart Standard Toolbar

(B) Chart Formatting Toolbar

(C) Chart Drawing Toolbar

(D) Chart Axis Formatting Toolbar

Answer: (B) Chart Formatting Toolbar

(25) Which feature is provided by legend dialog box ?

(A) To set borders of legend area

(B) To format legend area

(C) To set transparency of legend

(D) All of these

Answer: (D) All of these

(26) Which chart is circular ?

(A) Column

(B) Area

(C) Pie

(D) Stock

Answer: (C) Pie

(27) Which menu – option is used to create hyperlink ?

(A) Insert -> Hyperlink

(B) Format -> Hyperlink

(C) View -> Hyperlink

(D) Edit -> Hyperlink

Answer: (A) Insert -> Hyperlink

(28) Which type of link can be given in Hyperlink type dialog box ?

(A) Web


(C) Telnet

(D) All of these

Answer: (D) All of these

(29) What is the full form of FTP ?

(A) Folder Transfer Protocol

(B) File Transfer Protocol

(C) Frame Transfer Protocol

(D) Form Transfer Protocol

Answer: (B) File Transfer Protocol

(30) Which shortcut key is important to follow hyperlinks ?

(A) Ctrl + Alt

(B) Ctrl + Tab

(C) Ctrl + Shift

(D) Ctrl + Enter

Answer: (D) Ctrl + Enter