GSEB Class 10 Handling Images in HTML Computer Studies MCQs

(1) Which of the following tag is used to insert a video file into an HTML document?

(A) img

(B) image

(C) href

(D) ime

Answer: (C) href

(2) As the image element does not cause a link break, it is also referred to as which of the following ?

(A) An online image

(B) An inline image

(C) An outline image

(D) Blank image

Answer: (B) An inline image

(3) Which one of the following is a valid image file format ?

(A) img

(B) move

(C) mp3

(D) png

Answer: (D) png

(4) Which of the following is provided when we use alt attribute of an image ?

(A) Alternative description

(B) Alt key definition

(C) Alternative image

(D) Alternative HTML link

Answer: (A) Alternative description

(5) Which of the following attributes specify the values of height and width of the image in pixels ?

(A) Img src

(B) Height and Width

(C) H and V

(D) Any of these

Answer: (B) Height and Width

(6) Which of the following is not a valid image format ?

(A) imv

(B) png

(C) bmp

(D) gif

Answer: (A) imv

(7) Which of the following concept is used to display whole image as a link ?

(A) Image as hot spot

(B) Hot text

(C) Active link

(D) Any of these

Answer: (A) Image as hot spot

(8) Which of the following are the two types of image maps ?

(A) Shopper side and User side

(B) Server side and Client side

(C) Vender side and Supplier side

(D) All of these

Answer: (B) Server side and Client side

(9) Which of the following tag is used to add an image map ?

(A) Image name

(B) Htemp

(C) Map

(D) Alt

Answer: (C) Map

(10) Which element is used to insert image in HTML webpage ?

(A) <p>

(B) <i>

(C) <image>

(D) <pict>

Answer: (C) <image>

(11) Which attribute is used in <img> element to insert image in HTML document ?

(A) alt

(B) src

(C) link

(D) joint

Answer: (B) src

(12) Which attribute is used to mention the location of an image?

(A) <src>

(B) <alt>

(C) <align>

(D) <space>

Answer: (A) <src>

(13) What is the full form of URL ?

(A) Uniform Resource Locator

(B) Uniform Resource Location

(C) Uniform Resource Level

(D) Uniform Resource Lesson

Answer: (A) Uniform Resource Locator

(14) Comments are written in …………..

(A) <!– and –>

(B) <– and –!>

(C) <– and –>

(D) <!– and –!>

Answer: (A) <!– and –>

(15) Which tag with <image> tag explains the source image ?

(A) src

(B) id

(C) map

(D) alt

Answer: (D) alt

(16) How many values are possible for align attribute ?

(A) 3

(B) 4

(C) 5

(D) 6

Answer: (C) 5

(17) Which attributes are used to add space around an image ?

(A) vspace, hspace

(B) aspace, bspace

(C) vspace, uspace

(D) hspace, dspace

Answer: (A) vspace, hspace

(18) Which attribute will be helpful when the image is inline with the text leaving no gaps ?

(A) height, width

(B) align, id

(C) alt, border

(D) hspace, vspace

Answer: (D) hspace, vspace

(19) What changes can be done using image editing tool ?

(A) Resize

(B) Crop

(C) Resize and Crop

(D) None of these

Answer: (C) Resize and Crop

(20) Which type of file can be included in image tag ?

(A) bmp, gif

(B) jpeg, png

(C) tiff

(D) All of these

Answer: (D) All of these

(21) Small images are also known as ……….

(A) Imagenail

(B) Thumbnail

(C) Smallnail

(D) Viewnail

Answer: (B) Thumbnail

(22) What can be opened by clicking the hot spot ?

(A) New webpage

(B) New webserver

(C) New link

(D) New image

Answer: (A) New webpage

(23) What is the location where the link is given known as ?

(A) Joint spot

(B) Hot spot

(C) Master spot

(D) Image spot

Answer: (B) Hot spot

(24) How many ways co-ordinates can be used in Hot spot ?

(A) 2

(B) 3

(C) 4

(D) 5

Answer: (A) 2

(25) What is the value for circular shape in image map ?

(A) Round

(B) Circle

(C) Oval

(D) Any of these

Answer: (B) Circle

(26) Which shape is valid for image map ?

(A) Circle

(B) Rectangle

(C) Polygon

(D) All of these

Answer: (D) All of these

(27) Which tag is used to include audio and video ?

(A) anchor

(B) src

(C) image

(D) link

Answer: (A) anchor

(28) Which of the following is the extension for movie file ?

(A) .mp3

(B) .mp4

(C) .wav

(D) .bmp

Answer: (B) .mp4

(29) Which of the following is the extension for audio file ?

(A) .mp3

(B) .mp4

(C) .mov

(D) .wav

Answer: (A) .mp3

(30) Which of the following is the best format for photographs ?

(A) jpg

(B) png

(C) tiff

(D) bmp

Answer: (A) jpg