Bacteria & Gram Staining FYBSc Microbiology MCQs Set-1

microbiology mcqs

1:Cold like symptoms are caused by which bacteria

(a) Pseudomonas
(b) E.coli
(c) Haemophilus influenza
(d) Haemophilus streptococcus

Answer:(c)Haemophilus influenza

2:In Streptococcus fecalis, the conjugation
takes place at

(a) Pili
(b) Cell membrane
(c) Cell wall
(d) Flagella

Answer:(c)Cell wall

3:The infected mad dogs may contain

(a) Nergi bodies
(b) Niagri bodies
(c) Negri bodies
(d) Neisser bodies

Answer:(c)Negri bodies

4: What disease the Nesser will produce?

(a) Mumps
(b) Rubella
(c) Polio
(d) Measles

Answer:(d) Measles

5:Rancidity in spoiled foods is due to

(a) Lipolytic organisms
(b) Proteolytic organisms
(c) Toxigenic microbes
(d) Saccharolytic microbes

Answer: (a) Lipolytic organisms

6:The Baterium that is most commonly used
in genetic engineering is

(a) Escherichia
(b) Klebsiella
(c) Proteius
(d) Serratia

Answer:(a) Escherichia

7:The functions of plasmid are

(a) DNA replication
(b) Protein synthesis
(c) Cell wall synthesis
(d) None of the above

Answer:(d) None of the above

8:Mycoplasmas are bacterial cells that

(a) Fail to reproduce on artificial meida
(b) Have a rigid cell wall
(c) Are resistant to penicillin
(d) Stain well with Gram’s stain

Answer:(c) Are resistant to penicillin

9:The etiologic agent of botulism is a

(a) Neurotoxin
(b) Endotoxin
(c) Enterotoxin
(d) All of the above

Answer:(a) Neurotoxin

10:The bacterial cells are at their metabolic
peak during

(a) Lag phase
(b) Log
(c) Stationary
(d) Decline

Answer:(b) Log

11:Protein particles which can infect are

(a) Virons
(b) Prions
(c) Nucleoida
(d) None of these

Answer:(b) Prions

12:In most of purple bacteria, the light
harvesting centers are

(a) B 850 & Fe-S
(b) B 850 & B 875
(c) B 845 & B 875
(d) B 850 & B830

Answer:(b) B 850 & B 875

13:Endotoxin produced by gramnegative
bacteria is present in

(a) Peptidoglycan
(b) Lippolysacharide
(c) Theichoic acid
(d) Inner membrane

Answer:(b) Lippolysacharide

14:Which one of the following was Gramnegative, chemolithotrophic bacteria?

(a) Siderococcus
(b) E.coli
(c) Spirellum
(d) Mycoplasms

Answer:(b) E.coli

15:The mode of reproduction which occurs
in mycoplasma is

(a) Budding
(b) Bursting
(c) Binary fission
(d) Binary fusion

Answer:(c) Binary fission

16:Which one of the following is about
Herpes viruses?

(a) Icosahedral, with envelope, ds DNA
(b) Polyhedral with envelope, ds DNA
(c) RNA, helical with envelope
(d) ds DNA, brick shape

Answer:(a) Icosahedral, with envelope, ds DNA

17:Which one of the following produce
typical fried egg appearance colonies on
solid media?

(a) Mycobacteria
(b) Mycoplasts
(c) Mycoplasms
(d) Bacteroides

Answer:(c) Mycoplasms

18:An organism that is osmophilic and has
a specific requirements for sodium
chloride resembles

(a) Halophile
(b) Basophile
(c) Barophile
(d) Xerophile

Answer:(a) Halophile

19:A population of cells derived from a single
cell are called

(a) Monclonal cells
(b) Clones
(c) Protoplasts
(d) Sub culture

Answer:(b) Clones

20:Hetrolactic acid bacteria produce

(a) Lactic acid only
(b) Lactic acid + H2O + CO2
(c) Lactic acid + CO2
(d) Lactic acid + alchohol + CO2

Answer:(d) Lactic acid + alchohol + CO2

21:In which of the follwing microorganism,
conjunction tube was not produced
during conjunction process?

(a) Thiobaillus thiooxidence
(b) T. ferroxidance
(c) Tetrahymena thermophila
(d) Cryptaporiclium

Answer:(a) Thiobaillus thiooxidence

22:Which of the following is most similar to
Rickettsia and Chlamydia?

(a) Bdellovibrio
(b) Clostridium
(c) Mycobacterium
(d) Mycoldaima

Answer:(c) Mycobacterium

23:How would you distinguish pseudomonas
species from E-cloi?

(a) Gram staining
(b) Morphology
(c) Glucose fermentation Vs Respiration
(d) All of the above

Answer:(c) Glucose fermentation Vs Respiration

24:Which of the following is pathogenic to

(a) Spirogyra
(b) Cephaleuros
(c) Prototheca
(d) Both b and c

Answer:(c) Prototheca

25:Tumer inducing plasmids are extensively
used in production of

(a) Avirulent phases
(b) Single cell proteins
(c) Transgenic plants
(d) Nitrogen fixing bacteria

Answer:(c) Transgenic plants

26:The viruses that live as parasites on bacteria are

(a) Fungi
(b) Commensels
(c) Bacteriophages
(d) None of these

Answer:(c) Bacteriophages

27:The anthrax disease is most frequently
infected from

(a) Cattle
(b) Sheeps
(c) Rats
(d) Both a and b

Answer:(d) Both a and b

28:The colonies produced by Pseudomonas
on Mac Conkey’s medium are

(a) Purple colored
(b) Pink colored
(c) Pale colored
(d) Green colored

Answer:(c) Pale colored

29:Staining material of gram positive
bacterium is

(a) Fast green
(b) Haematoxylon
(c) Crystal violet
(d) Safranin

Answer:(c) Crystal violet

30:The pigment present in red algae is

(a) Rhodochrome
(b) Fucoxanthin
(c) Chlorophyll only
(d) Chlorophyll + phycobilin

Answer:(d) Chlorophyll + phycobilin