Fats & Fatty Acid Metabolism (Biochemistry) BSc MCQs Set-1

Biochemistry Mcqs

1. An example of a hydroxy fatty acid is 

(A) Ricinoleic acid 
(B) Crotonic acid 
(C) Butyric acid 
(D) Oleic acid 

Answer:(A) Ricinoleic acid

2. An example of a saturated fatty acid is

(A) Palmitic acid 
(B) Oleic acid 
(C) Linoleic acid 
(D) Erucic acid 

Answer:(A) Palmitic acid

3. If the fatty acid is esterified with an alcohol of high molecular weight instead of glycerol, the resulting compound is 

(A) Lipositol 
(B) Plasmalogen 
(C) Wax 
(D) Cephalin 

Answer:(C) Wax 

4. A fatty acid which is not synthesized in the body and has to be supplied in the diet is 

(A) Palmitic acid 
(B) Lauric acid 
(C) Linolenic acid 
(D) Palmitoleic acid 

Answer:(C) Linolenic acid

5. Essential fatty acid: 

(A) Linoleic acid 
(B) Linolenic acid 
(C) Arachidonic acid 
(D) All these 

Answer:(D) All these 

6. The fatty acid present in cerebrosides is 

(A) Lignoceric acid 
(B) Valeric acid 
(C) Caprylic acid 
(D) Behenic acid 

Answer:(A) Lignoceric acid

7. The number of double bonds in arachidonic acid is 

(A) 1 
(B) 2 
(C) 4 
(D) 6 

Answer:(C) 4

8. In humans, a dietary essential fatty acid is 

(A) Palmitic acid 
(B) Stearic acid 
(C) Oleic acid 
(D) Linoleic acid 

Answer:(D) Linoleic acid

9. A lipid containing alcoholic amine residue is 

(A) Phosphatidic acid 
(B) Ganglioside 
(C) Glucocerebroside 
(D) Sphingomyelin 

Answer:(D) Sphingomyelin

10. Cephalin consists of 

(A) Glycerol, fatty acids, phosphoric acid and choline 
(B) Glycerol, fatty acids, phosphoric acid and ethanolamine 
(C) Glycerol, fatty acids, phosphoric acid and inositol 
(D) Glycerol, fatty acids, phosphoric acid and serine 

Answer:(B) Glycerol, fatty acids, phosphoric acid and ethanolamine

11. In mammals, the major fat in adipose tissues is 

(A) Phospholipid 
(B) Cholesterol 
(C) Sphingolipids 
(D) Triacylglycerol 

Answer:(D) Triacylglycerol

12. Glycosphingolipids are a combination of 

(A) Ceramide with one or more sugar residues 
(B) Glycerol with galactose 
(C) Sphingosine with galactose 
(D) Sphingosine with phosphoric acid 

Answer:(A) Ceramide with one or more sugar residues

13. The importance of phospholipids as constituent of cell membrane is because they possess

(A) Fatty acids 
(B) Both polar and nonpolar groups 
(C) Glycerol 
(D) Phosphoric acid 

Answer:(B) Both polar and nonpolar groups

14. In neutral fats, the unsaponifiable matter includes 

(A) Hydrocarbons 
(B) Triacylglycerol 
(C) Phospholipids 
(D) Cholesterol 

Answer:(A) Hydrocarbons

15. Higher alcohol present in waxes is 

(A) Benzyl 
(B) Methyl 
(C) Ethyl 
(D) Cetyl 

Answer:(D) Cetyl

16. Kerasin consists of 

(A) Nervonic acid 
(B) Lignoceric acid 
(C) Cervonic acid 
(D) Clupanodonic acid 

Answer:(B) Lignoceric acid

17. Gangliosides are complex glycosphingolipids found in 

(A) Liver 
(B) Brain 
(C) Kidney 
(D) Muscle 

Answer:(B) Brain

18. Unsaturated fatty acid found in the cod liver oil and containing 5 double bonds is 

(A) Clupanodonic acid 
(B) Cervonic acid 
(C) Elaidic acid 
(D) Timnodonic acid 

Answer:(D) Timnodonic acid

19. Phospholipid acting as surfactant is 

(A) Cephalin 
(B) Phosphatidylinositol 
(C) Lecithin 
(D) Phosphatidylserine 

Answer:(C) Lecithin

20. An oil which contains cyclic fatty acids and once used in the treatment of leprosy is

(A) Elaidic oil 
(B) Rapeseed oil 
(C) Lanoline 
(D) Chaulmoogric oil 

Answer:(D) Chaulmoogric oil

21. Unpleasant odours and taste in a fat (rancidity) can be delayed or prevented by the addition of 

(A) Lead 
(B) Copper 
(C) Tocopherol 
(D) Ergosterol 

Answer:(C) Tocopherol

22. Gangliosides derived from glucosylceramide contain in addition one or more molecules of

(A) Sialic acid 
(B) Glycerol 
(C) Diacylglycerol 
(D) Hyaluronic acid 

Answer:(A) Sialic acid

23. ’Drying oil’, oxidized spontaneously by atmospheric oxygen at ordinary temperature and forms a hard water proof material is 

(A) Coconut oil 
(B) Peanut oil 
(C) Rape seed oil 
(D) Linseed oil 

Answer:(D) Linseed oil

24. Deterioration of food (rancidity) is due to presence of 

(A) Cholesterol 
(B) Vitamin E 
(C) Peroxidation of lipids 
(D) Phenolic compounds 

Answer:(C) Peroxidation of lipids

25. The number of ml of N/10 KOH required to neutralize the fatty acids in the distillate from 5 gm of fat is called 

(A) Reichert-Meissel number 
(B) Polenske number 
(C) Acetyl number 
(D) Non volatile fatty acid number 

Answer:(A) Reichert-Meissel number

26. Molecular formula of cholesterol is

(A) C27H45OH 
(B) C29H47OH 
(C) C29H47OH 
(D) C23H41OH 

Answer:(A) C27H45OH

27. The cholesterol molecule is 

(A) Benzene derivative 
(B) Quinoline derivative 
(C) Steroid 
(D) Straight chain acid 

Answer:(C) Steroid

28. Salkowski test is performed to detect 

(A) Glycerol 
(B) Cholesterol 
(C) Fatty acids 
(D) Vitamin D 

Answer:(B) Cholesterol 

29. Palmitic, oleic or stearic acid ester of cholesterol used in manufacture of cosmetic creams is

(A) Elaidic oil 
(B) Lanoline 
(C) Spermaceti 
(D) Chaulmoogric oil

Answer:(B) Lanoline

30. Dietary fats after absorption appear in the circulation as

(A) HDL 
(C) LDL 
(D) Chylomicron

Answer:(D) Chylomicron