GSEB Class 10 Introduction To HTML Computer Studies MCQs

(1) To display the web content, which mark-up language is needed ?





Answer: (B) HTML

(2) Which of the following is considered as a language for describing web page ?





Answer: (A) HTML

(3) Which of the following is the full form of HTML ?

(A) Hot Text Manipulation Language

(B) Hyper Text Manipulation Law

(C) Hyper Text Markup Language

(D) Hidden Text Markup Language

Answer: (C) Hyper Text Markup Language

(4) Which of the following is the full form of SGML ?

(A) Standardized General Markup Language

(B) System General Manipulation Law

(C) Standardized Genome Markup Law

(D) Standardized Gigabyte Markup Language

Answer: (A) Standardized General Markup Language

(5) Which of the following refers to an HTML element ?

(A) An opening tag, content, and a closing tag

(B) Angular brackets

(C) Content

(D) Any of these

Answer: (A) An opening tag, content and, a closing tag

(6) Which of the following can be used to specify additional formatting along with an HTML element ?

(A) Numbers

(B) Attributes

(C) Comments

(D) Contents

Answer: (B) Attributes

(7) Which of the following refers to a singular tags that do not require content ?

(A) Compete

(B) Empty

(C) Null

(D) Void

Answer: (B) Empty

(8) Which of the following attributes type can appear along with any tag ?

(A) Unique

(B) Universal

(C) Trivial

(D) Preliminary

Answer: (B) Universal

(9) Which type of information can be incorporated in an HTML document ?

(A) Multimedia information

(B) Text information

(C) Address and path of filename

(D) All of these

Answer: (D) All of these

(10) Which of the following is an editor to edit an HTML document ?

(A) SciTE

(B) BriTE

(C) LigHT

(D) SpriTE

Answer: (A) SciTE

(11) Who first thought of web ?

(A) Richard Stallman

(B) Linus Torwalds

(C) Bill Gates

(D) Tim Burner’s Lee

Answer: (D) Tim Burner’s Lee

(12) Who prepared Standardized General Markup Language (SGML) ?

(A) Microsoft




Answer: (C) ISO

(13) Which bracket is used in HTML code?

(A) [ ]

(B) ( )

(C) < >

(D) { }

Answer: (C) < >

(14) What is placed after closing tag in HTML ?

(A) Straight slash ( \ )

(B) Reverse slash ( / )

(C) Straight line ( | )

(D) Exclamation mark ( ! )

Answer: (B) Reverse slash ( / )

(15) Which of the following tag is used for heading ?

(A) <h1>

(B) <head>

(C) <pre>

(D) <tt>

Answer: (A) <h1>

(16) What is the extension to store HTML file ?

(A) .htm

(B) .html

(C) .htm or .html

(D) .hml

Answer: (C) .htm or .html

(17) How many types of heading are there in HTML ?

(A) 4

(B) 5

(C) 6

(D) 7

Answer: (C) 6

(18) Which tag is used to start a new line ?

(A) <b>

(B) <i>

(C) <u>

(D) <br>

Answer: (D) <br>

(19) By which tag is hyperlink made ?

(A) <h>

(B) <hlink>

(C) <link>

(D) <a>

Answer: (D) <a>

(20) What does tag <a> mean ?

(A) And

(B) All

(C) Always

(D) Anchor

Answer: (D) Anchor

(21) Generally, In HTML document on which side of the page is writing placed ?

(A) Left

(B) Right

(C) Center

(D) Any of these

Answer: (A) Left

(22) Which shortcut key is used to view result in browser HTML code ?

(A) F3

(B) F4

(C) F5

(D) F6

Answer: (C) F5

(23) Which name identifies the latest version of HTML ?

(A) HTML 3.0

(B) HTML 4.0

(C) HTML 5.0

(D) HTML 6.0

Answer: (C) HTML 5.0

(24) Which tag is used to show letters in bold ?

(A) <a>

(B) <b>

(C) <br>

(D) <tt>

Answer: (B) <b>

(25) Which tag determines the main part of HTML document ?

(A) <html>

(B) <head>

(C) <title>

(D) <body>

Answer: (D) <body>

(26) Which tag is used to show the end of a line ?

(A) <b>

(B) <br>

(C) <tt>

(D) <tr>

Answer: (B) <br>

(27) What type of space is added between <pre> and </pre> ?

(A) Hard space

(B) Soft space

(C) Blank space

(D) Default space

Answer: (A) Hard space

(28) What is the full form of <s> tag ?

(A) Strong

(B) Stable

(C) Straight

(D) Strike

Answer: (D) Strike

(29) Which of the following option is a part of HTML document ?

(A) Head section, Title section

(B) Html section, Title section

(C) Head section, Body section

(D) Html section, Head section

Answer: (C) Head section, Body section

(30) Which is the middle part of the constitution of a tag ?

(A) Opening tag

(B) Closing tag

(C) Content

(D) Any of these

Answer: (C) Content