Top Digital Marketing MCQs Set 2

Digital Marketing MCQs

1. Who is the father of digital marketing?

  1. Philip Kotler
  2. Bruce Clay India
  3. Justin Hall
  4. None of the above

Answer: Philip Kotler

2. The term Digital Marketing was first used in the

  1. 1999s
  2. 1990s
  3. 1980s
  4. 1989s

Answer: 1990s

3. If the speed of displaying the website is slow then………..ranking method is used

  1. technical
  2. on page
  3. off page
  4. load page

Answer: Technical

4. …………………is a form of digital marketing that describes the use of the social web and social media (e.g. social networks, online communities, blogs or wikis) or any online collaborative technology for marketing activities, be it sales, public relations, research, distribution or customer service.

  1. Pay Per Click (PPC)
  2. Digital Asset Optimisation (DAO)
  3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Answer: Social Media Marketing (SMM)

5. ………………occurs when a websites structure and content is improved to maximise its listing in organic search engine results pages using relevant keywords or search phrases.

  1. Paid inclusion
  2. Site optimization
  3. Contextual search
  4. Pay per click

Answer: Site optimization

6. ………… an element of online PR that involves regularly updated posts about company activities in a format similar to online services such as Blogger and WordPress.

  1. Link building
  2. Reputation management
  3. Blogging
  4. None of the above.

Answer: Blogging

7. ………… the process of marketing accomplished or facilitated via the use of internet technologies (e.g. web, email, intranet, extranets).

  1. Internet marketing
  2. Search marketing
  3. e-marketing
  4. Mobile marketing

Answer: Internet marketing

8. A database of information that is maintained by human editors and lists websites by category and subcategory with categorisation is known as:

  1. A search directory.
  2. Automated voice response (AVR).
  3. Apps.
  4. SEO.

Answer: A search directory.

9. A form of marketing communications that uses the internet for the purpose of advertising, aiming to increase website traffic and/or encourage product trial, purchase, and repeat purchase activity is called:

  1. Search marketing.
  2. E-mail marketing.
  3. Internet advertising.
  4. Social web marketing.

Answer: Internet advertising.

10. A method of marketing by electronic mail wherein the recipient of the message has consented to receive it is called:

  1. Search marketing.
  2. Internet advertising.
  3. Permission-based email marketing.
  4. Social web marketing.

Answer: Permission-based email marketing.

11. A portal which is an online platform operated by a third party and is open to buyers or sellers in aparticular industry is a:

  1. Vertical and horizontal e-marketplace.
  2. Supplier-oriented marketplace.
  3. Buyer-oriented marketplace.
  4. B2B independent e-market place

Answer: B2B independent e-marketplace

12. A portal that is normally run by a consortium of buyers in order to establish an efficient purchasing environment is a:

  1. B2B independent e-marketplace.
  2. Buyer-oriented marketplace.
  3. Supplier-oriented marketplace.
  4. Vertical and horizontal e-marketplace

Answer: Buyer-oriented marketplace.

13. All of the following are reasons more people don’t shop online except

  1. Lack of trust in online merchants.
  2. Lack of convenience.
  3. Inability to touch and feel the product.
  4. Fear of misuse of personal information.

Answer: Lack of convenience

14. An advertising model in which advertisers bid on keywords or phrases relevant to their target market, with sponsored/paid search engine listings to drive traffic to a website is called:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
  2. Contextual Advertising.
  3. Digital Asset Optimisation (DAO).
  4. Pay Per Click (PPC).

Answer: Pay Per Click (PPC).

15. Current changes in behaviors clearly show that……………is taking over more and more of consumer online searches.

  1. Social media
  2. Mobile
  3. Internet
  4. Blog

Answer: Mobile

16. Fees paid by advertisers to online companies that refer qualified potential customers or provide consumer information where the consumer opts into being contacted by a marketer. This is referred to as:

  1. Lead generation
  2. Search.
  3. Rich media.
  4. Social media marketing.

Answer: Lead Generation

17. Internet advertising has some weaknesses because

  1. It cannot reach a global audience
  2. It does not deliver good targeted reach
  3. It is not easy to track
  4. It is not emotive

Answer: It is not emotive

18. Marketing Channels in Digital Marketing are

  1. Email marketing, Valid marketing and Mobile marketing
  2. Email marketing, Content marketing and Mobile marketing
  3. On page marketing and Off page maketing
  4. Mobile marketing, On page marketing and Off page marketing

Answer: Email marketing, Content marketing and Mobile marketing

19. Marketing that moves away from a transaction-based effort to a conversation (i.e. two-way dialogue) and can be described as a situation or mechanism through which marketers and a customer (e.g. stakeholders) interact usually in real-time is known as:

  1. Digital marketing.
  2. Interactive marketing.
  3. Direct marketing.
  4. Electronic marketing.

Answer: Interactive marketing

20. On-page search engine optimization refers to

  1. Programming keywords into a website
  2. Evaluating each page of a website for design
  3. The amount of links coming into your website
  4. The number of search engine sites a website is submitted to

Answer: Programming keywords into a website

21. Online gaming sites are fast and efficient ways for companies to promote their products

  1. True Statement
  2. False Statement

Answer: True Statement

22. Paid advertising based on a per-click model is called

  1. Search Engine Optimisation
  2. ICT indicators
  3. Source advertising
  4. Sponsored search-engine advertising

Answer: Sponsored search-engine advertising

23. Paid search marketing (e.g. Google AdWords) is usually purchased on which basis?

  1. Pay Per Click (PPC).
  2. Cost per Thousand (CPM).
  3. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).
  4. None of the above.

Answer: Pay Per Click (PPC).

24. The best way to improve search engine ranking is with

  1. Video
  2. A blog
  3. Having at least 500 words of text per page
  4. Using a lot of graphics per page

Answer: A blog

25. The main objective to branding is which of the following?

  1. To have potential customers recognize your logo and marketing materials
  2. To earn trust from your customers
  3. Promotional materials that match and coordinate
  4. Having a unique tag line

Answer: To earn trust from your customers

26. The online communications technique of search engine optimisation (SEO) is aimed at achieving/gaining:

  1. Good ranking in sponsored listings of the search engines.
  2. Good ranking in the organic or natural listings of search engines.
  3. Representation on third party websites.
  4. All of the above.

Answer: Good ranking in the organic or natural listings of search engines.

27. The performance-based affiliate marketing model of paying for leads or sales is usually charged in which way?

  1. Cost per acquisition
  2. Earnings per click
  3. Pay per click
  4. None of the above

Answer: Cost per acquisition

28. The process of outsourcing a task or group of tasks to a generally large group of people is known as:

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Internet advertising
  3. Crowdsourcing
  4. E-marketing

Answer: Crowdsourcing

29. The rise of………….has led marketing to evolve away from a hierarchical one-sided mass communication model towards more participatory technologies (e.g. social channels and online communities).

  1. Website
  2. Social media
  3. Web 1.0
  4. Web platform.

Answer: Social media

30. This form of advert delivered on social platforms and social gaming websites and apps, across all device types is known as:

  1. Mobile marketing
  2. Social media advertising
  3. Internet advertising
  4. E-marketing

Answer: Social media advertising

31. This is a form of targeted advertising, on websites, with advertisements selected and served by automated systems based on the content displayed to the user.

  1. Contextual advertising.
  2. Interactive marketing.
  3. Internet advertising.
  4. Direct marketing.

Answer: Contextual advertising.

32. This operates algorithmically or using a mixture of algorithmic and human input to collect, index, store and retrieve information on the web (e.g. web pages, images, information and other types of files). It makes the information available to users in a manageable and meaningful way in response to a search query. This is referred to as:

  1. Banner ads.
  2. Pop-up ads.
  3. A search engine.
  4. Apps.

Answer: A search engine

33. To analyze the traffic coming to the Website…………..tool is used.

  1. SEO Optimizer
  2. Google Analytics
  3. GoDaddy
  4. Amazon

Answer: Google Analytics

34. Valid two types of keywords are………..and…………..

  1. Long Tail and Short Tail
  2. Short Tail and Small Tail
  3. Long Tail and Small Tail
  4. Big Tail and Long Tail

Answer: Long Tail and Short Tail

35. What are some examples of digital marketing?

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Search Engine Optimisation
  4. All of the above

Answer: All of the above

36. What concept in paid search advertising Google AdWords refers to one of the main elements of Quality Score which impacts the position the ad is displayed?

  1. Click-through rate.
  2. Maximum Cost Per Click (CPC).
  3. Quality Score.
  4. None of the above.

Answer: Click-through rate

37. What concept in paid search advertising Google AdWords refers to the amount bid by the advertiser?

  1. Maximum cost per click (CPC).
  2. Click-through rate.
  3. Quality Score.
  4. None of the above.

Answer: Maximum cost per click (CPC).

38. What does SEO stand for ?

  1. Site Engine Optimization
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Site Efficiency Optimization
  4. None of these

Answer: Search Engine Optimization

39. What form of marketing is particularly suited to generating awareness about a brand or promotion?

  1. Viral Marketing
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Email Marketing
  4. None of the above

Answer: Viral Marketing

40. What is the best way to make money while you sleep?

  1. By dreaming up good marketing ideas
  2. Selling stuff on eBay
  3. Having products on your website
  4. Having a spouse who works the night shift

Answer: Having products on your website

41. What is unique about social media marketing?

  1. Can combine game and other elements
  2. Interactive communication
  3. Generates contacts quickly
  4. All of the above

Answer: All of the above

42. When is it most ideal to send a press release?

  1. Only when there is big news happening
  2. Only around the holidays
  3. When news seems to be slow
  4. Tuesday through Thursday for anything newsworthy

Answer: Tuesday through Thursday for anything newsworthy

43. Which is the set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage interactively with their audiences through any mobile device or network.

  1. Mobile marketing
  2. Social web marketing.
  3. Internet marketing
  4. Social media marketing

Answer: Mobile marketing

44. Which of the following are online advertising methods through which advertisers attempt to drive traffic to Internet sites

  1. Banner
  2. SEO
  3. CPC
  4. CPM

Answer: SEO

45. Which of the following is not a standard in online advertising?

  1. Dynamic banners
  2. Referrals links
  3. Signal
  4. Banner

Answer: Signal

46. Which of the following is not a type of digital marketing activity?

  1. E-marketing.
  2. Social marketing.
  3. Print advert.
  4. Internet marketing.

Answer: Print advert

47. Which of the following is not a weakness of using online in the media plan?

  1. It is not emotive
  2. It can reach a global and local audience
  3. It is subject to high levels of clutter
  4. All of the above

Answer: It can reach a global and local audience

48. Which of the following is not an issue that marketers need to consider when using digital resources for marketing activities?

  1. Jurisdiction.
  2. Disclosure.
  3. Ownership.
  4. Permissions.

Answer: Disclosure

49. Which of the following is not one of major considerations when using internet advertising to increase brand awareness and encourage click-through to a target site?

  1. Cost.
  2. Intrusive.
  3. Interactivity.
  4. Timeliness.

Answer: Interactivity

50. Which of the following marketing techniques are most likely to pay you?

  1. Pay per click advertising
  2. Using social media marketing strategies
  3. Posting press releases
  4. Article marketing

Answer: Article marketing

51. Which of the following refers to unsolicited electronic messages?

  1. Opt-in email.
  2. Consent marketing.
  3. Spam.
  4. Opt-out email.

Answer: Spam

52. Which SEO relies on manipulating Googles algorithm to improve rankings.

  1. Red Hat
  2. White Hat
  3. Green Hat
  4. Black Hat

Answer: Black Hat