Top Digital Marketing MCQs Set 3

Digital Marketing MCQs

1. Which social network is considered the most popular for
business to business marketing?

A. Facebook

B. Orkut

C. Ryze

D. LinkedIn

Answer: D. LinkedIn

2. What is unique about digital media marketing?

A. Can combine all forms of communication

B. Generates contacts quickly

C. Interactive communication

D. All of the above

Answer: D. All of the above

3. Which of the following is the method through which advertisers attempt to drive traffic to


B. Banner



Answer: D. SEO

4. Which of the following is not a standard in online advertising?

A. Referral Links

B. Dynamic Banner

C. Signal

D. Banner

Answer: C. Signal

5. Where is the digital marketing commonly takes
place ?

A. Social Media

B. Traditional Media

C. Print Media

D. None

Answer: A. Social Media

6. What is the full form of SEO ?

A. Search Ethics Optimization

B. Search Engine Optimization

C. Search Equity Optimization

D. Search Eric Optimzation

Answer: B. Search Engine Optimization

7. Measuring and tracking the performance of marketing efforts on web is called

A. Web Racus

B. Web Station

C. Web Browsing

D. Web Analytics

Answer: D. Web Analytics

8. What is the process to generate more traffic on web





Answer: A. SEM

9. Social Media campaign includes the following softwares or applications?

A. Bing

B. Yahoo

C. Facebook

D. Web portal

Answer: C. Facebook

10. Who is the CEO of Twitter ?

A. Mc Luhan

B. Richard Flair

C. Jack Dorsey

D. Ellen Jose

Answer: C. Jack Dorsey

11. Web Audience Measurement (WAM) is an audience measurement and website analytics tool

A. Internet usage


C. Show division

D. Flag

Answer: A. Internet usage

12. Google Analytics can be understood as a

A. Moderate Service

B. Free Service

C. Paid Service

D. None of these

Answer: B. Free Service

13. When was the Facebook found ?

A. 2002

B. 2003

C. 2001

D. 2004

Answer: D. 2004

14. Which one of these is not a social media site ?

A. Twitter

B. Instagram

C. Google

D. Skype

Answer: C. Google

15. Which one of these is not a photo sharing social media platform ?

A. Instagram

B. Snapchat

C. Pinterest

D. Youtube

Answer: D. Youtube

16.   How can you tell that how many people visit the website ?

A. Google Analytics

B. Zoom


D. String

Answer: A. Google Analytics

17. E- mail marketing is also a form of

A. Measure Marketing

B. Digital Marketing

C. Offline

D. Degree

Answer: B. Digital Marketing

18. What is the full form of SEM ?

A. Search Engine Mask

B. Source Engine Machine

C. Search Engine Marketing

D. Search Exit Marketing

Answer: C. Search Engine Marketing

19. It is important to determine audience demographics and develop targeted ads when

A. Digital Media

B. Traditional Media

C. Communication

D. None

Answer: A. Digital Media

20.   was launched in year 2003

A. LinkedIn

B. Instagram

C. Twitter

D. Whatsapp

Answer: A. LinkedIn

21. Second stage of development in internet

A. Web 3.0

B. Web 2.0

C. Web 1.0

D. None

Answer: B. Web 2.0

22. Digital marketing process is a comprehensive way to

A. To establish offline

B. Manufacture business

C. Promote the business online

D. To get visible only

Answer: C. Promote the business online

23. Visibility is reaching out to your

A. Company

B. Potential customers

C. Agency

D. Data

Answer: B. Potential customers

24. Which platform has full rights to edit and delete the content?

A. Juggle Platform

B. Regional Platform

C. Paid Platform

D. Owned Platform

Answer: D. Owned Platform

25. Earned visiblity in digital media marketing include

A. WOM(Word of Mouth)

B. Paid Ads

C. Paid Search

D. Paid Content

Answer: A. WOM(Word of Mouth)

26. Blogs comes under

A. Traditional Platform

B. Paid Platform

C. Owned Platform

D. Earned Platform

Answer: C. Owned Platform

27. Which increases the chances of turning the visitors into leads and final conversions

A. Non-Qualiy Traffic

B. Quality Traffic

C. Assumed Traffic

D. Static Traffic

Answer: B. Quality Traffic

28. Use of social media in digital marketing is

A. Social conversion

B. Social media optimization

C. Social platform

D. Socal sites

Answer: B. Social media optimization

29.   is a paid advertisement on digtal media

A. Pay per click

B. Router


D. None

Answer: A. Pay per click

30. Which rule applies in engaging the traffic

A. The Rule of 30 seconds

B. The Rule of Visibility

C. The rule of Goal

D. The Rule of 59 seconds

Answer: D. The Rule of 59 seconds